Saturday, 28 November 2009

Blake Lively-Eleanor Parker

Ever since I first saw this shoot with Blake Lively for American Vogue it's been nagging at my mind (and seeing as this was a spring cover-I think-that's a long time). The other day I finally realised who all the shots reminded me of: Eleanor Parker in The Sound of Music (one of THE most legend films of all time). Finding the answer to a really annoying, trivial question is possibly one of the most satisfying things in the world-like when you see an actor in a film who you recognise, but can't work out what other films they've been in. And then 5 hours later in bed you realise where you've seen them before, but you can't enlighten anyone else about your genius brainwave because they're all in bed. It is a mark of my incredible loser-ness that I often turn my light on and write a little note to myself so that I'll remember to brag about it to people the next morning...but anyway...Blake and Eleanor juxtapositioned here as a mark of my geniosity.

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