Thursday, 11 June 2009

Snail Mail

Today something happened that made my week, if not my month. I came home from rowing to find a letter addressed to me on the table, in a big A4 envelope, in handwriting which looked rather like my sister's. Oh God, what's she got for me now? I thought inwardly. I then noticed that the envelope was stamped with an air mail sign and the return address was Upper West Side, New York. OH MY GOD IT WAS FROM MY NEW YORK EXCHANGE!!

Words cannot express how this made me feel. I actually ripped open the envelope in my excitement. C had sent me a few photos she had taken in London and developed herself, as well as 2 of New York to help 'ease some of my separation anxiety'. Her letter-which was almost 3 sides of typed A4-made me laugh out loud at least 4 times and also moved me close to tears as I realised how much I miss her. Although we were only together for 2 weeks over a 3-week period, I feel like we became so close: we were so similar, and we got on so well-regular, essay-length emails help, but don't cure, the fact that I miss her so much and am unlikely to see her for another year minimum, unless an exciting opportunity turns up soon.

Anyway, just receiving a letter has completely brightened my whole week. It's so sad that no-one sends letters any more (apart from my amazing exchange, of course!)-opening an email just doesn't have that same frisson as opening a real solid letter.

Exams finish tomorrow-after two weeks! I can hardly remember what normal school is like!-and then it's back to the daily grind. Once I'm back on a normal schedule I'll be able to start putting normal posts up :)

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