Thursday, 4 June 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes

Finally, I've found some time to write about this week. Granted that time has been created by me missing rowing, but that doesn't happen often and tomorrow I have history and French, neither of which I know anything about. So. I deserve an evening off.

My birthday was as good as could have been expected. English Lit went fine, German listening was horrible and maths somewhere in the middle. My piano lesson was the worst of the lot (I hadn't practised for two weeks due to rowing/revision-actually I never really practise, but whatever). Sadly practically none of my friends even remembered it was my birthday (I got 2 Facebook posts. TWO. How s*** is that?!) although one of my friends from rowing, who also goes to my school, came into my classroom and gave me a card which turned out to contain a £20 Topshop voucher! I was touched, especially as I hadn't considered her a really close friend.

Present-wise, I opened some in the morning and some in the evening over my birthday tea of pizza. Yay.
Morning-subscription of British Vogue, box to hold said Vogues in, spanner from my brother for rigging boats, amazing book called 'In Vogue' which chronicles the history of American Vogue along with some fantastic photos.
Evening-money to buy a few clothes with, iPod earphones which sadly are too big for my left ear and are actually quite painful when I try to force them in, NIKON CAMERA!!

I knew I would be getting a camera-it was practically the only big thing I asked for-but even so it was mega exciting to open the box and unpack it! Not sure what make it is off the top of my head, but it's really good-there's about a gazillion different settings/functions which I'm sure I will eventually figure out from reading the thick tome that came with it as well as through trial and error. Along with the Vogue book, it's been such a distraction-sadly I've been rather limited to cheesy flower photos in my garden, because of having to stay at home for revision, but it's still so exciting to finally have a proper camera that focuses and is basically amazingly cool! I haven't uploaded the computer software yet but as soon as I do (probably tomorrow evening) I'll post my first photos up.

Revision beckons-how can I resist. Au revoir.

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