Monday, 15 August 2011


Hello again. It's been a very long time since I last posted, and I apologise that it's been without explanation. School this year has been a lot more intense as I prepare for university entrance and I've somehow fallen out of touch with the whole fashion/blogging arena which used to absorb me. Real life is a lot more interesting at the moment.

I'm leaving this blog up in case I ever want to come back to it, and because it's a nice testament to the days when life was a lot less stressful. If you're someone who's reading this from the future (weird thought), do take the time to look through. There are a lot of photos and thoughts on here which won't date. And thank you to all the people who did read this blog in its more active days-it was so nice to know that people read (and, even better, were interested in!) what I had to say.

As I picked and chose the blogs I liked best, I found that my favourites were the ones with good photography, fashion-orientated or otherwise, and those with good writing. I am now exploring good writing in slightly more literary areas (though I still return to the old favourites-look at the blogroll to the right of the page), while pursuing photography through Tumblr. I thought it would be good to post some more of my own stuff as an incentive to get the camera out a bit more often. If you're interested, do take a look at

I think that's all from me. Thank you to everyone who's reading this-it was a nice ride. xo

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Moe said...

HI! hope you've had a great christmas!

/ Moe Gustafsson