Sunday, 18 October 2009

I Got It From My Mama

When it comes to unfashionable parents, I'll be the first to complain about mine. My mum spends her entire life in unflattering straight leg jeans and long-sleeved v-neck knits; my dad only owns one pair of jeans (bought for him by his despairing children last Christmas) which he never wears, preferring instead to walk around with his buttoned shirts tucked into his belted trousers. Niice. NOT. However, inspired by Vogue's More Dash Than Cash issue this month (I urge you to check it out-if not only to see how the genius Tim Walker manages to make clingfilm and paper bags look not only presentable, but down right beautiful) I went a-rummaging through my mum's wardrobe to look for any original 80s power-shoulder jackets I could convert for my own use.

Well, not only did I find 3 great jackets but I also came across a cute brown suede waistcoat which I shall attempt to use for layering purposes some time over the half term break (probably not the first week, as we're headed to the country for a family holiday and I'll therefore be firmly ensconced in hoodies and jeans). My personal favourite though is the cropped dogtooth number-unfortunately it ends up looking really smart whenever I put it on so I'm waiting for a slightly more formal occasion to wear it to.

Personally I've never managed to get myself firmly onto the charity shop (or 'thrift' shop if we're being pretentious) bandwagon-maybe it says something about where I live that all I ever find in the local BHF shop is cashmere, jeans and more cashmere. But I can totally understand why some people completely eschew high street shopping altogether in favour of digging around in charity and costume shops-because the thrill when you find something great in an unexpected place is pretty sweet.

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